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this is how my brain works
just a little bit of text

and way too many pictures

design is the relationship

between text and image

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accidental inspiration

...everything is related...

It’s surprising how such a boring looking code forces to naturally be creative, forget about time and experimenting for hours.

I will use these randomly generated pictures as a visual inspiration for my current studio project, where I explore the Oatly style and try to rebrand some of my favourite tv series The Vampire Diaries assets using the Oatly inspired design.

I created these images by combining Oatly inspired colour palette with the actual The Vampire Diaries script (season 4 episode 23) as a typographic part of it.

pastel connection playful inspiring unexpectedness

These outcomes will not only be my inspiration but also is going to work just fine as the research and development document background. And who knows how it will evolve further?

As I said, everything is related.


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