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this is how my brain works
just a little bit of text

and way too many pictures

design is the relationship

between text and image

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digital clutter

…while others are learning all the bones in human body in Latin…

Every so often, I realise how happy I am that I chose a creative course, I mean, today we were reading amusing tweets and searching for inspiration that we could create whatever design we want while there are students on other courses who have to learn all the bones of the human body in Latin, for example.

I really like the idea of this brief of creating an analogue version of the digital clutter which I so often feel overwhelmed by. I feel very inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of this example of Working On my Novel by Cory Arcangel which is also based on the twitter feed and tries to explain "What does it feel like to try and create something new? How is it possible to find a space for the demands of writing a novel in a world of instant communication?" (Arcangel, 2014).

I chose a hashtag #vegan (again) and collected 45 various tweets about veganism struggles and joys. I looked at trending tweets posted by celebrities and well-known organisations but also at not so popular posting with just a few likes to collect as much as possible diverse data. This searching and rewriting process took much more time than I expected (as always), but it was a fun research.

I love these editorial design ideas and might use them as inspiration later on.

And these are the concept layouts ready for the next week. Can’t wait to find out what exactly that DataMerge feature is and how to use it.

I did a few projects related to typography and book design in my second year, and this made me realise how exciting can an editorial design be and that I am quite interested in it, but also, that there’s still so much to learn. So, I am really happy with the workshops like this one.

instant communication data demands inspiration


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