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inside the landscape

…physical transferring to the visionary embracement...

I really like how strong is the connection between Barbara Hepworth’s art and nature. There are no perfectly round shapes (circles) in her sculptures exactly how it is in the real untouched nature. Also, the fact that she uses mostly natural material (wood, stone and bronze) makes this connection even more tangible. Barbara’s love for nature reflects in her letters as well, just listen to how much sincerity and passion there are in this short line, “Magic in this country around here.” And a clear inspiration for creativity, “… the physical sensation of piercing and sight” (Tate, 2015).

“Sculpture traditionally being an object in space… she developed this idea of sculpture being about creating a space”. Barbara Hepworth creates sculptures inspired by the landscape that invites imagining yourself inside the sculpture, she wants to convey the feelings of safety and embracement she felt when she was in that landscape herself (Financial Times, 2015).

I really like her sketches as well, they seem as beautiful illustrations itself.

I always used to see these modern and minimalistic posters – all different but somehow having the same aesthetics, so it was really interesting to finally find out that there’s this Swiss Style. It made me wonder why it’s called this way and I did some research. Apparently, it became famous and got its name “through the art of very talented Swiss graphic designer”, even though it appeared in Russia, Germany and Netherlands in the 1920's, that’s why after 1950's the Swiss Style converted into the International Style and “was produced by artists all around the globe”. But after all, it’s is still best known as the Swiss Style or Swiss Legacy (Terror, 2009).

References from the Print and Swissted.

A Poster | Graphical Shape & Text Only | Inspired by Barbara Hepworth Sculpture

nature inspiration piercing sensation inside

And of course, how without any good old Pinterest inspiration.

A Magazine Spread | Photography & Typography | Inspired by Barbara Hepworth Sculpture


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