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this is how my brain works
just a little bit of text

and way too many pictures

design is the relationship

between text and image

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it's that time again

...let's try to make it truly wonderful this time...

"Rotoscoping describes the process of manually altering film footage one frame at a time. It was invented in 1915 by animator Max Fleischer to improve the movement of animated characters and make them look more realistic" (IntoFilm, n.d.).

Experimenting with the rotoscope.

It was really interesting to find out that there are many ways to use rotoscoping in movies and animation, and not all of them are so direct. For example, Disney films like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland used the rotoscoping technique to make characters more realistic "rather than projecting and tracing, animators simply watched scenes played out in live action in order to observe body movements and expressions” (IntoFilm, n.d.).

I really like these animations produced using rotoscope and the vintage feel it creates.

Rotoscoping aesthetics reminds actual vintage ads like this 1980s Fruit Rollup commercial.

When I learned what a rotoscoping technique can do, I created this video which could be used as a social advert against consumerism and waste during the upcoming holiday season.

bold message change consumerism waste


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