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this is how my brain works
just a little bit of text

and way too many pictures

design is the relationship

between text and image

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…"could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it: 'my appetite is more important than your suffering'?"


It was interesting to know more about the infographics and that it's actually as complicated as it looks to create an informative video featuring different statistics.

Doing my research, I didn't find any specific features that infographic animation needs to have, instead, I found out that "It could be simple, bold and graphical, or an elegant illustration, textured and tactile. It could be photo-realistic, abstract, contemporary, pastiche, mixed media, 2D or 3D" (Curveball Media, n. d.).

This is my first attempt to create infographic video about the assigned colour red. I chose the fact that seeing a red colour can cause failure on an exam (The Week Staff, 2011).

Also, I really like our group outcome and that the video flows so smoothly despite the fact that it was created by many different people and without any planning beforehand.

red failure facts appetite consumerism

After the workshop, I got this idea of creating an infographic animation about, in my opinion, a very important topic - the animal farming industry that is not only one of the biggest contributors to global warming but also exploits huge numbers of animals every day (this is the aspect I emphasised in my video).

I used these references (below) as inspiration for the graphics in the animation.

As I said, the process of creating this video was more complex than I thought. It took me about 7 hours to make this but I am pretty happy with the result and especially the fact that it follows the current trend to promote veganism and Veganuary.


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