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design is the relationship

between text and image

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the most possibly flat

…” Why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart and just be yourself?” –Monica…

I think it was really helpful to remember all the underused shortcuts and tools (and learn some new ones) during this Illustrator Essentials workshop.

I particularly liked that 3D revolving effect that automatically creates an object using a path of only a half of that object, I will definitely apply this at some point.

Also, I've wanted to find out the shortcut to move between the layers (but couldn't find anything googling), so it was really useful to finally learn it.

Oh, and that trick when you can easily find a Photoshop file that is placed into Illustrator by simply holding alt and double-clicking on an image, this is the most helpful, time (and sometimes even life) saving gem.

worrying flat smart relatable improvement

After the workshop, I created this (the most possibly flat) illustration to practise my pen tool skills and apparently, there's plenty room for improvement.

This illustration depicts the legendary and still relatable (after those 25 years) sitcom Friends to acknowledge the never-ending popularity of this television series, especially when all 10 seasons are now still available on Netflix.

I used these images from Pinterest as an inspiration.


  Mike Lemanski               Rob Lycett                  Sara Nesteruk              Nadine Smith                   Alex Gillott                 Sara Nesteruk

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