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this is how my brain works
just a little bit of text

and way too many pictures

design is the relationship

between text and image

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…it’s a whole journey to do it yourself for yourself…

First of all, this online workshop went better than I thought it’s going to be, it was so nice to hear a familiar tutor’s voice again. I realised how much I do miss my usual uni life already.

It was extremely useful to get some new tips on how to create quick and effective renderings for the product mockups. I really liked this Illustrator workshop with exercises.

Also, it was interesting to get to know about the Gestalt 'balance' principles. And how simple psychological aspects in design like figure –­ ground relationship, similarity, symmetry, proximity, closure and continuation can help our brain to perceive the aesthetics better. I tried to consider these principles while creating a monogram from my initials (I used two first letters of my name).

effective journey balance psychological identity



I realised that I simply cannot make all these tiny decisions.

And here’s the final design. I am not sure if it’s completely developed and could be used as my personal logo yet. I think that creating something for the individual branding requires a long journey and many experiments, so let's say this is one of them. Also, I like using my handwritten (gabisa) name/title at the moment.


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